Stick Man; Live on Stage, Leicester Square Theatre‎

This exciting production, based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, tells the story of Stick Man who goes out for a jog and ends up in a variety of precarious and funny situations while trying to get home to his family of sticks.

The fun re-telling is lively and includes some amusing audience interaction. I found myself laughing at various points throughout, as did the considerably younger audience. In addition, Stick Man is finally helped home by Santa Claus which makes it perfect Christmas treat.

The cast of three were terrific and the use of props was inventive; umbrellas became waves and a roll of, what looked like, lino became a river. Amongst the talented actors was a multi-instrumentalist who provided not only percussion but saxophone and ukulele to accompany the songs.

Overall, the production was brilliant fun. The children will love it and there is enough there to keep the adults amused for an hour!

The Stick Man is on until 7 January

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