Author: ivybarr

  • Dirty Crusty, Yard Theatre

    Dirty Crusty, Yard Theatre

    Dirty Crusty promises the story of a woman (with personal hygiene issues) improving her life with sex, dance and reclaiming her dreams. The show opens with a recorded conversation between Jeanine and her friends at a dinner party. Bizarrely we never meet these friends and they are not mentioned again throughout the show.  It then moves on…

  • Yours Sincerely, King’s Head Theatre

    Yours Sincerely, King’s Head Theatre

    Yours Sincerely is a coming of age story from Will Jackson (also performing) and Lucy Bird, founders of Quick Duck Theatre, directed by Anna Himali Howard.Will accidentally steals 300 second class stamps from the post office and use’s them to send letters to people, some obvious, some not so obvious: his best friend in London,…

  • Fatty Fat Fat, Sackler Space

    Fatty Fat Fat, Sackler Space

    Fatty Fat Fat is a show written by and starring Katie Greenall and producing alongside Daisy Hale. The production includes dance, movement, a mini game show, audience participation through crisp eating, a ballet dance and a member of the audience becoming a cast member. It’s subject matter is how difficult it is to live in a…