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  • Mosley Must Fall, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

    Mosley Must Fall, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

    Green Curtain Theatre and Martin McNamara’s latest work, as part of the London Irish Fringe Festival 2018, is a timely look at Battle of Cable Street from the viewpoint of an East London based Irish family, divided by generations, nationality, and political beliefs. Jim McEnroe (Mickey Mason) and his brother Dessie (Michael Black) are taking…

  • IED, Theatre N16

    IED, Theatre N16

    This story of gender expectation in the masculine and distant setting of an army regiment is rich in character and ideas. Martin McNamara’s follow up to Your Ever Loving is a very different tale. The focus is on Agnes (Safron Beck) who gives Joan “the Freak” Ferguson from Prisoner Cell Block H vibes. She is…