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  • Puppy, The Vaults Festival

    Puppy, The Vaults Festival

    Puppy is the story of lesbianism, feminism and porn in a patriarchal world. Naomi Westerman’s piece, produced by Little But Fierce, is unashamedly open about sex and sexuality but perhaps it says more about me than Westerman that I enjoyed the group scenes rather than the intimate two-handers. Puppy is basically a big F-you to…

  • Claustrophilia, Vaults

    Claustrophilia, Vaults

    Naomi Westerman’s one-woman play looks at life after being kidnapped and held captive, not only whether you can live a fully normal life but the world’s expectations and preconceptions about what happens and who it happens to. Alice (Eleanor Crosswell)is in her early twenties, living in her own flat and when she was 13 she…

  • Naomi Westerman On Sex in Theatre

    Naomi Westerman On Sex in Theatre

    It’s a warm evening in September and I am watching one of my closest friends give his wife (also a good friend) a good seeing-to over a chair. It is their first wedding anniversary. The enthusiastic audience hoots and cheers. I smile and go back to reading the ‘dogging’ section of a popular UK swingers forum.…