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  • The Crystal Egg, The Vaults

    The Crystal Egg, The Vaults

    Review by Oliver Wake When Charley Wace’s (Des Carney) father dies, drowned in the Thames in mysterious circumstances, he goes to live with his uncle, Mr Cave (Mark Parsons) and his family at Cave’s antiques and curios shop in London’s decrepit Seven Dials. One of his father’s possessions, a seemingly ornamental crystal egg, is passed…

  • Summer Nights in Space, The Vaults Festival

    Summer Nights in Space, The Vaults Festival

    This musical about space isn’t quite humorous, fun or memorable enough to work but features a great lead performer in Matthew Jacobs Morgan as John Spartan, who has been on a solo mission in space, except it is unauthorised and a rather elaborate prank by his friends. He is lonely, his yoga teacher wife has…