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  • Napoleon Disrobed, Arcola Theatre

    Napoleon Disrobed, Arcola Theatre

    Told by an Idiot’s Napoleon Disrobed is a larger-than-life comic imagining of the final days of the Emperor Napoleon, based on the novel The Death of Napoleon by Simon Leys. In it, Napoleon (Paul Hunter) swaps places with loyal solider Eugene (Ayesha Antoine), hops on a ship and sails to freedom, via Belgium, ending up…

  • Insignificance, Arcola Theatre

    Insignificance, Arcola Theatre

    Insignificance should be the perfect Terry Johnson play; characters based on real people based on a slightly surreal concept such as Hysteria, his play about Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali meeting in 1938 or even Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick which became the TV drama Cor, Blimey! Albert Einstein (Simon Rouse’s The Professor) being visited…