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  • 2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

    2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

    Have you ever had a night in with the girls and found yourself singing along to Britney into your hairbrush and dancing on the sofa, pretending to be a girl group from the ’90s? Don’t lie, we all have. Bridget, Titanic, body glitter we miss all of it but 2 Become 1 and Swipe Right Theatre…

  • The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

    The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

    “Fantastic! Unlike anything I’ve been to before”

  • Raising Martha, Park Theatre

    Raising Martha, Park Theatre

    Raising Martha is a production that has been hit by various casting changes, firstly Morgana Robinson was replaced by Game of Throne’s Gwyneth Keyworth and in a less high profile change Jasper Britton was replaced by Stephen Boxer. The production hasn’t suffered for it. David Spicer’s pieces about animal rights activists who target the dead…

  • Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

    Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

    As the lights go down, the iTunes playlist starts. Setting the table and dancing around, it’s a typical pre-dinner-party scene. But this is no normal dinner party. In this Ayckbourn-type comedy, we meet Matt and Katherine, a couple who have found the light has gone out in their relationship. In an attempt to bring back the…

  • Follow the Faun – Arts Theatre West End

    Follow the Faun – Arts Theatre West End

    “Welcome to our realm!” We were greeted upon our arrival and led to the bar by a sparkling nymph-like creature. As the nymphs posed for pictures and discussed our perilous journey to their lair, we had the chance to relax and look around. A relatively intimate, blacked out room welcomed us. Many others could be…