Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

As the lights go down, the iTunes playlist starts. Setting the table and dancing around, it’s a typical pre-dinner-party scene. But this is no normal dinner party.

In this Ayckbourn-type comedy, we meet Matt and Katherine, a couple who have found the light has gone out in their relationship. In an attempt to bring back the spark and passion, they decide to have a dinner party. However, this is no ordinary dinner party. Very soon it becomes clear that what we believed was an innocent evening is in fact… A Swingers Party. However, just to add more confusion, Matt and Katherine don’t know if their guests know where the night is headed…

Cue hilarity, confusion, awkward silences and a whole lot of wine. Soon we are just as confused as them. Do they actually know? With glimpses into Matt and Katherine’s private conversations, we are left to wonder and guess when it comes to Amelia and Elliot. One minute they seem on the same page, the next, who knows?

A brilliantly British play where everyone tries to sidestep the elephant in the room!  Hosted at Theatre N16 and The Bedford Pub, you’ll have a great night in a creative atmosphere, where actors and musicians will surround you at the bar before heading up to the lovely and intimate black-box-type theatre for an entertaining hour. Though the play is short, it’s packed it to the brim to ensure you’ll be laughing till the very end.



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