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  • King’s Head Theatre announce female playwrights season

    King’s Head Theatre announce female playwrights season

    In response to the under-representation of women in Theatre The King’s Head Theatre announce a season dominated by female voices. King’s Head Theatre Senior Producer Louisa Davis says: “Conversations about gender equality are nothing new, but as a female theatremaker it was becoming more and more frustrating seeing so much stage time being given to male voices…

  • Trumpageddon, King’s Head Theatre

    Trumpageddon, King’s Head Theatre

    I’m not sure seeing Trumpageddon on the night of the US elections was entirely sensible,especially not with the intent of reviewing it. Tonight – of all nights – I am not dispassionate or detached. It was also not a night I wanted to be off Twitter. You see, I’m a political junkie and on nights…