King’s Head Theatre announce female playwrights season

In response to the under-representation of women in Theatre The King’s Head Theatre announce a season dominated by female voices.

King’s Head Theatre Senior Producer Louisa Davis WRTW Logo.pngsays:

“Conversations about gender equality are
nothing new, but as a female theatremaker it was
becoming more and more frustrating seeing so much
stage time being given to male voices – or to go one step further, to see my gender or issues affecting my gender only being told by a male voice.”

“Why is it that female voices are struggling to be
heard? Why is it that the people who can influence these decisions don’t actively open doors and be part of a positive change? There seems to be an assumption, from some high profile statements made on the issue, that ‘there aren’t enough good female writers’ or that ‘they won’t make enough money at the box
office’ – when did this become gospel? Why don’t we challenge these assumptions? Theatre tells the stories of our society, but from a gender perspective it has been one-sided for too long”

“We wanted to do something to join the movement of addressing this culture, and support the efforts of so
many others around us in giving female voices the spotlight they deserve. We wanted to see a change – so we are doing something about it.”
Who Runs the World? will run from April 24th until May 12th, and will see Sarah Milton’s Tumble Tuck, transferring from a critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe 2017 run, headline with four new pieces by up- and-coming female writers – Instinct Theatre’s mental health drama In The Shadow of the Mountain, showcasing graduating King’s Head Theatre trainee director Helena Jackson in sibling comedy BabyBox, a
night of Shakespearean shorts Voices from the Deep, and NOF*CKSGIVEN, the first play by new writer Daisy King.

The King’s Head Theatre was established in 1970. The most ethically and socially responsible fringe theatre
in the UK, we are known for our challenging work and support of young artists. Last year 116,151 audience members saw a show of ours: 44,607 at our 110-seater home on Upper Street and 71,544 elsewhere.

At our home in Islington we had 774 performances last year of 95 different shows. We are committed to fighting prejudice through the work we stage, the artists and staff we work with and by producing work for minority audience groups. We believe in fair pay for all on the fringe and create accessible routes for early career artists to stage their work; work we are passionate about. Last year we announced the theatre is on the move. Subject to a fundraising campaign, the King’s Head Theatre will move into a custom-built space
in the heart of Islington Square, directly behind its current home securing the future of the venue for generations to come.


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