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  • The Special Relationship, Soho Theatre

    The Special Relationship, Soho Theatre

    Review by Pearl Esfahani The design has a flavour of corporate patriotism to it with “office blue” wheely chairs, and a strip of red, white and blue LEDs, Brechtian projections throughout don’t let us forget that this is theatre. We know this is a play about deportation, we know the end destination of every character…

  • Sex/Crime, Soho Theatre

    Sex/Crime, Soho Theatre

    When in Soho watching a play about drugs, sexuality and serial killers just feels right. Alexis Gregory’s script takes an uncomfortable glance at our obsession with serial killers, sexual violence and 21st century homosexuality. Transfering from The Glory in East London Sex/Crime is an unashamed look As A Jonny Woo offers a service reenacting recent…

  • What Girls Are Made Of, Soho Theatre

    What Girls Are Made Of, Soho Theatre

    It’s a gig! It’s a one-woman show! It’s the past repackaged as theatre! It’s…problematic?

  • Typical, Soho Theatre

    Typical, Soho Theatre

    As we entered the Soho Theatre’s upstairs room this evening Richard Blackwood was laying down without moving on a raised hard surface, and stayed there for a good ten minutes plus as the audience slowly filtered in. But the moment the lights went down he leapt up and turned in an astonishing performance, a burst…

  • Wiliam Andrews: Willy, Soho Theatre

    Wiliam Andrews: Willy, Soho Theatre

    With a title like Willy you might presume this latest show from William Andrews would be about his name, and how it was shortened by some people in a childish manner, but you’d be completely wrong. And trying to predict what Andrews will do or say in this hour and ten minutes of comedy turns…

  • Garrett Millerick: Sunflower, Soho Theatre

    Garrett Millerick: Sunflower, Soho Theatre

    I wasn’t aware of the existence of Garrett Millerick until I saw him MC a gig last year and was instantly enchanted by the man’s comedy. Rather than doing tedious crowd work he made it clear he had no time for such a thing and launched in to incredibly strong material, and so when I…

  • The Political History of Smack And Crack, Soho Theatre

    The Political History of Smack And Crack, Soho Theatre

    Review by Pearl Esfahani Both an education, and bittersweet love-story, the hour of The Political History of Smack and Crack flies by in a blink. This simple, energetic story-telling hooks in the audience’s attention instantly. Bare stage, and some simple, but choicely lit moments by Richard Williamson, the only thing you can really rely on…

  • Andy Kindler – The Ugly America Tour, Soho Theatre

    Andy Kindler – The Ugly America Tour, Soho Theatre

    You may know Andy Kindler from his many roles in TV comedy series, the long-running Everybody Loves Raymond, Maron or I’m Dying Up Here. Perhaps you’ll know his voice even if you don’t know the face, having lent his voice to Bob’s Burgers, Dr. Katz, and Home Movies. He’s also a regular on the American…

  • Wild Bore, Soho Theatre

    Wild Bore, Soho Theatre

    You don’t have to be a wild boar (or a critic) to enjoy Wild Bore.