Sex/Crime, Soho Theatre

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When in Soho watching a play about drugs, sexuality and serial killers just feels right. Alexis Gregory’s script takes an uncomfortable glance at our obsession with serial killers, sexual violence and 21st century homosexuality. Transfering from The Glory in East London Sex/Crime is an unashamed look

As A Jonny Woo offers a service reenacting recent murders of young men on paying customers. Tonight’s client is B played by Gregory, a lonely man looking for an escape through being violently murdered.In this melodrama Woo’s calm, collected but angry A contrasts well with Gregory’s camp, loud and hyper performance fuelled by violence (done well with a red warning light before a loud noise of a kick or punch) with darkness (emotionally and literally) dominating Robert Chevara’s direction with the suggestion that the being a man who sleeps with men can be a lonely place seeking validation through relationships heterosexuals approve of but juggling a world of apps and polyamory. 

It is also a lot of fun, true crime ghouls may find it lack in the promised serial killer stories as Gregory focuses on the fine line between pain and love rather than your favourite mass murderer. It tries, and mostly succeeds, in finding the depth to being older and LGBT+ in modern Britain in this smart and funny two hander. 

Sex/Crime is on until 1 February 2020

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