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  • F**k Freud, Tristan Bates Theatre

    F**k Freud, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Leone is not a happy man in the slightest, as he’s twenty five and an unemployed actor, and unable to get his break in an industry that only wants to cast him as an Italian stereotype. He’s also suddenly realised that he’s no longer in love with his girlfriend Sarah and struggling with his place…

  • Mites, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Mites, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Review by Joe Moss Sometimes I wake up in the morning and all the missed opportunities of my life stare at me, grind me down until I’m nothing. Nothing but dust. James Mannion’s new play “Mites” currently on at the Tristan Bates Theatre, is variously described as “darkly comic”, “absurdist” and a “psychological thriller” but……

  • Boris Rex, Camden Fringe

    Boris Rex, Camden Fringe

    Charlie Dupré’s Boris Rex (following on from 2017’s MacBlair) is a Shakespearean-esque look at the rise, the fall and inevitable rise of Britain’s new Prime Minister. Luke Theobald plays Boris Johnson with all bluster and entitlement you’d expect. Johnson isn’t so much a powerful king, popular with his people but a pawn in Jacob Rees-Mogg…

  • The Gulf, Tristan Bates Theatre

    The Gulf, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Excellent performances from Anna Acton and Louisa Lytton cannot save this play from its lack of depth and purpose. The depiction of lesbian relationships in theatre was until recently still a novelty, even on the fringe. This play examines the up and downs of a relationship whilst fishing and relaxing on The Gulf of Mexico.…

  • Love Me Now, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Love Me Now, Tristan Bates Theatre

    He never loved me. Not even for a moment. It’s weird when you see what you think was your own private pain, your own personal grief, felt so long ago, written on stage as an experience universal enough to have every woman in the room nodding and gasping. Meanwhile, the men – the fucking men…

  • Bunny, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Bunny, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Review by Carole Lovstrom Katie- Catherine Lamb Writer – Jack Thorne Director – Lucy Curtis Running time 1 hour 10 minutes A clever, ambitious, funny and scary piece of theatre, delivered with grit and integrity by a superb actor. A Lamb/Thorne triumph – 5 stars from me. So I usually take the odd discreet note…

  • Sublime, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Sublime, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Sublime is a confident and self-assured debut from Sarah Thomas about a brother and sister whose life has been dominated by abandonment and crime. After being away for two years Sophie hasn’t come to make amends for abandoning Sam but needs a couple of heists to make up for the £800k she lost in a…

  • The Collective Project, Tristan Bates Theatre

    The Collective Project, Tristan Bates Theatre

    The Pensive Federation have delivered “8 new plays in 12 days”. Some of them good.

  • Scenes from the End, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Scenes from the End, Tristan Bates Theatre

    Emily Burns and Jonathan Woolgar’s one-woman opera has Héloïse Werner mourning the end of everything. It’s a bit of a downer.