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  • Border Control, Vault Festival

    Border Control, Vault Festival

    Do the calculations made by UK Border Agency technocrats add up? Michelle Sewell’s play says no.

  • Closed Lands, Vaults Festival

    Closed Lands, Vaults Festival

    Walls are suddenly everywhere. In a world that once seemed to be opening up, a vicious backlash has seen us erecting more and more barriers between people – real and psychological. Closed Lands examines the walls we build and the natural barriers we rely on to enforce separation. It looks at the effects that walls…

  • Mr Henry Moss – Quadruple Thre4t, Vault Festival

    Mr Henry Moss – Quadruple Thre4t, Vault Festival

    A one man show which is a mix of music, cabaret and comedy, Henry Moss’s Quadruple Thre4t sees the Australian performer take on a number of characters as he explores the nature of fame, the way many become obsessed by it, and how they’re desperate to remain in the limelight even if it is at…

  • Talk Propa, Vault Festival

    Talk Propa, Vault Festival

    Talk Propa asks Southerners to care about Northern exceptionalism, but fails to say why.

  • In My Lungs The Ocean Swells, Vault Festival

    In My Lungs The Ocean Swells, Vault Festival

    A Cornishman loses his woman to the city and his livelihood to market forces, in this phallocentric summary of a gender balanced two-hander.

  • Orlando, Vault Festival

    Orlando, Vault Festival

    Written and performed by Lucy Roslyn, Orlando is a one woman show about Roslyn’s adoration for the novel Orlando by Virginia Woolf, and how she uses it’s central character in every day life to consider existence. Orlando is an astonishingly fascinating book and so I can completely understand why it plays such an important part…

  • A Hundred Words for Snow, Vault Festival

    A Hundred Words for Snow, Vault Festival

    This a new production from RG Productions of Tatty Hennessy’s play, which featured as part of the Heretic Voices in January 2018 along with Sonya Hale’s Dean McBride, starring Ted Reilly and Friend of the Cheap Seat Annie Fox’s A Woman Caught Unaware with Amanda Boxer. This revival at the Vaults sees a new director and performer replace the…

  • Think of England, Vault Festival

    Think of England, Vault Festival

    There is a good piece hidden within Think of England, but to find it, it will need a very judicious edit. The performance I saw was supposed to run for 90 minutes but overran by 25. Starting at 9pm and running without an interval that’s pretty bad. Worse was that both myself and my companion both felt…

  • The Boring Room, Vault Festival

    The Boring Room, Vault Festival

    If an usher has to wake someone up in the front row and direct them to watch the play, that’s a bad sign, right?