Mr Henry Moss – Quadruple Thre4t, Vault Festival

A one man show which is a mix of music, cabaret and comedy, Henry Moss’s Quadruple Thre4t sees the Australian performer take on a number of characters as he explores the nature of fame, the way many become obsessed by it, and how they’re desperate to remain in the limelight even if it is at the expense of everything and anything that has ever been meaningful to them.

It’s an area that’s been explored many a time before, often with a dark sense of humour, but while there’s a hint of satire here Moss’s production is a mostly lighthearted affair as he tells the story of musical theatre star Harry Ledgerman and his talent agency manager wife Krystal Lee. Harry’s just written his latest tell all which explains how if you’re to remain famous being a triple threat just isn’t good enough these days, and plans to promote it with a number of Ted Talks style endeavours where various well known guests will also speak about their place in the entertainment world.

This results in a selection of monologues where carefully constructed self obsessed types discuss their lives, but Moss always makes sure they never come across as monstrous or unrealistic, just completely selfish and lacking in any real awareness. So for instance Ledgerman himself is obsessed with his friendship with Hugh Jackman despite the latter having taken out a restraining order against him, and his wife fails to notice that her husband’s far more interested in men than her good self.

Most of these monologues contain some very funny lines about the industry, and how it treats people, and Moss bursts in to song time and again with a collection of well known tunes like 9 to 5, Send In The Clowns, I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman and She Bangs, all of which mirror the character of those singing them, and often contain some fantastic choreography too. Perhaps a couple aren’t needed, especially as they come at the expense of Moss’s smart and tight script, but most are a delight.

If there’s a downside it’s that Quadruple Thre4t doesn’t really have anything that new to say about those obsessed with stardom, and the ending could have had a little more of a kick. But most of the time Moss’s show is an engaging, often very funny and charmingly infectious piece from a very talented actor, singer, dancer and writer who’s clearly something of a Quadruple Threat himself.

You can find out details about future performances here:

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