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  • The Psychic Project, Vaults Theatre

    The Psychic Project, Vaults Theatre

    It’s only fair to say this up front, but the performance of magician and mind reader David Narayan’s The Psychic Project that I saw on 14th June didn’t go to plan. The show started 15 minutes late due to technical problems, there were numerous further technical problems that occurred throughout the show, and Narayan had…

  • Claustrophilia, Vaults

    Claustrophilia, Vaults

    Naomi Westerman’s one-woman play looks at life after being kidnapped and held captive, not only whether you can live a fully normal life but the world’s expectations and preconceptions about what happens and who it happens to. Alice (Eleanor Crosswell)is in her early twenties, living in her own flat and when she was 13 she…

  • Mental, Vaults Theatre

    Mental, Vaults Theatre

    Kane Power’s one-man show looks at his mother’s bipolar disorder and the pathology of his pain. It’s an illuminating evening.