Lee & Omar: We are All Idiots, New Wimbledon Studio, 26 May

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A sketch preview, which seemed unsuited to its surroundings.

I’ve visited, and mostly enjoyed, following the second Illuminate Festival at New Wimbledon Studio. There’s been hits, there’s been misses but I’ve always felt there was a consistent theme-showcasing small theatre producers who wouldn’t get attention elsewhere but having what it is an Edinburgh preview feels at odds with the rest of the festival.

Firstly I keep my toe in live comedy and I have never heard of Lee & Omar, in fact when you google them you get a link to the show I saw on May 26, as a result their bit in the beginning about being unprepared is genuinely terrifying rather than endearing because you have no idea what you have let yourself in for. It just doesn’t work in a theatre space either and feels like it should have been tried out in London’s many rooms above pubs

I’ve made it sound like the worst show ever but Lee and Omar have great chemistry, their sketches are well thought through, if overlong (I enjoyed the one about being a Muslim) and their audience interaction tone is spot on but I don’t feel they are ready for Edinburgh yet. It feels like they should have done more shows in London and had a decent web presence before even considering spending a month, and a lot of money, to go up to what is still a very competitive market.


Lee and Omar: We Are All Idiots is on at The Mash House as part of the Edinburgh Festival https://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/event/578853-omar-and-lee-present-we-are-all-idiots/ 4-28 August

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