Digs, New Wimbledon Theatre, 28 May 2016

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Theatre with Legs present an honest, sometimes bleak but always funny look at the housing crisis.

Theatre with Legs are Lucy Bairstow and Jess Murrain, who met whilst training as actors at the Royal School of Central Speech and Drama. Digs, one of the final shows of the Illuminate Festival is a look at the housing crisis and contains human stories behind high rents, horrible housemates and cramped spaces.

Bairstow and Murrain (a couple in real life) have excellent chemistry in scenes where they work together but equally don’t rely on that during monologues-my favourites being Bairstow’s character confessing to stealing her housemate’s underwear in a desperate act and Murrain’s letter to a male housemate, who sounds like an absolute nightmare but it was such a moving performance that I am glad they included it.

There’s a real darkness and light to the performances and it should feel terribly disjointed but it works because it feels so real. There was a real understanding of not only how to use a small space but how to present themselves. It reminded me of Victoria Wood and Julie Walters, a gentleness that could turn at any point. If you get a chance to see these emerging actresses, do and you won’t regret it.

Digs is on at the Brainchild Festival 8-10 July and Crazy Coqs Cabaret 3-5 October 2016

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