Pigs and Dogs, Royal Court, 20 July

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Caryl Churchill’s short play about Africa’s relationship with homosexuality is incredibly effective despite being on 15 minutes. With a cast of three (Alex Waddell, Sharon D Clark anFisayo Akinade and simple direction by Dominic Cooke its source material comes from Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities, which looks at Africa’s relationship with sexuality and gender across the ages. The title comes from Mugabe, who said homosexuals were worse than pigs and dogs, animals which do not engage in homosexual behaviour.

It feels more like an artistic documentary than a play and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up online but the joy of the piece is its simplicity, looking at attitudes to sexuality in the western world and wondering how Ugandan’s draconian laws came into being and why Africa is so behind.

The most interesting moment is a part where, to the contrary of some African leaders, the cast reveal all the words in the Africans language that refer to sexuality and gender. It is a piece that needs to be seen but in an ideal world wouldn’t exist in the first place.

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