The Giant’s Loo Roll, Arts Theatre

Adapted from Nicholas Allan’s picture-book favourite in which a down on its luck village receives the dubious bounty of a toilet roll dropped by the giant living just up the hill, this production has been touring widely. Popular at the Edinburgh Children’s Fringe I accompanied two savvy London girls (5 and 6) to the half term run at The Arts Theatre.

Talegate Theatre have created this show and its central, enormous, prop is quickly deployed to be passed around on top of an audience squealing with delight. Plenty of catchy original songs and really engaging and genuine audience participation made this a half term winner for us. As the token adult at kids theatre one does sometimes have to grin and bear it, but the two actors’ quick changing antics and a few in-jokes for the parents meant it was far from a chore on this occasion. My guests Hattie and Jessica unanimously declared it a double thumbs up show, giggling throughout. Fair warning though, I had to put up with a lot of bum jokes on the tube home.

Overall a very enjoyable afternoon and a well put together show, I’ll be looking out for the company in the future.

Reviewed by Simon, Hattie and Jessica.

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