Stuart Saint’s Princess announced for LOST Theatre

In November, revolutionary and critically acclaimed writer/director Stuart Saint brings a ground-breaking interdisciplinary piece of theatre to LOST Theatre inspired by our twisted relationship with the “princess”– shattering the illusion of happily-ever-afters, banishing the storybook fairy tale and finding the feminism Disney. A sample of the tracks are available to listen here 

Because the once pristine and weak-willed princess can now be a kick-ass Ghostbuster or a magical Snow Queen – our world is moving away from the helpless damsel in distress expected to suffer and serve and a wait to be rescued, and yet it’s at the heart of many a sexual moré. In Princess, Saint creates a lavish spectacle of movement and expression, gig theatre that blends music, dance and video into a new story of good girls gone bad.

“Stuart Saint knows exactly what the show needs, how to do it well, and he’s made every

effort to ensure the show is as fun, energetic, and slick as possible”

Grumpy Gay Critic on Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Stuart Saint is a director, composer, choreographer and writer best known for his innovate and radical adult pantos at the Leicester Square Theatre. He also directed Oscar Wilde story De Profundis and was a director on the award-winning comedy show Newsrevue.

With an uplifting, celebratory electro-pop soundtrack inspired by Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, Saint’s compositions are strongly defined by his pop music career – as is his choreography, with elements of Madonna and The Who alongside such classic influences as Matthew Bourne and Bob Fosse.

All of these elements combine in Saint’s work to create, in Princess, a unique brand of gig theatre,bringing adult themes, dancers and performers that break the traditional mould of today’s global mono-culture, to entertain through energetically crafted dance, original song and resurrected video.

“takes all the glorious smut that has come before, gives it a right good polish and rams homea filth-fest of pure titillation”

Broadway Baby on Dick!

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