Revival of Roy Mitchell’s Care

The Angus Mackay Foundation to produce the revival of Care by Roy Mitchell (co-creator of New Tricks), originally presented at the Royal Court Upstairs, which has been revived with an ethnically diverse cast.  Directed by Emily Marshall the cast includes Karen Mann, Marc Benga, Jaana Tamra and Leo Shirley. The production will take place The Courtyard Theatre in London.
A house in Birmingham has the constant glow of the TV, anthems of the 1970’s youth and a smell that lingers no matter how much the rooms are cleaned. Cheryl is anxious for the love which her illiterate, football watching, beer gurgling Terry is unable to give. Both manage to ignore the haunting cries coming from the cupboard whilst throwing in leftover food. The flat is feeling more enclosed than ever, but all they have hidden in the cupboard seems to finding itself into every corner of the house. Cheryl and Terry are willing to do anything to make the crying stop.

Roy Mitchell was a member of the National and Birmingham Youth Theatres, and trained as an actor at Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre. In 1982 he co-wrote a Musical for Granada, Visiting Day, with Kevin Malpass, which was the official ITV entry for the 1983 Prix Futura in Berlin. His first stage play, Care, was produced at the Royal Court Upstairs, also in 1983, directed by Antonia Bird. In 2002 he co-created the TV series New Tricks, which ran on BBC1 every year until 2015, as well as in over 30 countries around the world. Roy is currently working on a US TV series set in Maine for Fox TV and a stage play about the German expressionist painter Emil Nolde.

The Angus Mackay Foundation for performing arts is administered by Kevin Malpass. Angus had many appearances in hit TV dramas and films such as Only Fools and Horses, Dr Who, One Foot In The Grave, and The Sweeney. While the TV and film roles where many (and in some cases, legendary), Angus was a champion for the theatre and his passion was the stage. During his 50-year career, he brought a piquant precision to everything from Stoppard to Shaw. His co-actors included such greats as Albert Finney, Vivien Leigh and Simon Callow.

Box Office; Ticketweb (, 0844 477 1000

Tickets from £11

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