London Box Office Theatre Bloggers meet up, 23 November 2017

London Box Office hosted a theatre bloggers and other industry types event on 23 November at the Above the Arts bar. Many thanks to London Box Office and Daniel Perks for organising and Stephen Candy for the photographs.

The attendance list is below. Please be sure to follow for all the latest in theatre blogging and the theatre world.

Daniel Perks @dperks13
Lucy Basaba @Theatrefullstop
Laura Kressly @shakespeareanLK
Maxine Evans/ Neil Docking @maxinevans
Jamie Eastlake @eastlakeprods
David Byrne @newdiorama
Shanine Salmon @braintree_
Ed Nights @ed_nights
Olivia Mitchell @RewriteThisWeb
Jo Trainor @mintpixeljo
Hayley Sprout @OHMYDAYSitsHayz
Emma Clarendon @LoveLDNLoveCul
Rosie Snell @ScatterOpinion
Rebekah Ellerby @rebekahellerby
Rebecca Usher @Rebecca_Usher
David William Bryan @DavidWBryan





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