Das Fest, Vault Festival

As Philipp Oberlohr descended the stairs behind the audience wearing a sheepskin cloak, in his show Das Fest, I thought, ‘oh dear what have I come to!?’ As I arrived I declined the offer of sitting on the front row as I’m not particularly keen on audience participation shenanigans. Any theatre described as ‘immersive’ instantly puts me on edge.

At the beginning we were asked to either write a memory or a dare on a piece of card and seal it in an envelope. Oberlohr continued to recite the memories with great accuracy by merely holding it in his hands or holding hands with members of the audience. Despite being an audience participation-phobe as the show went on I was desperate to be selected from the audience. I wasn’t.

Not content with just wowing us with his mindreading talents Oberlohr had great comedic delivery and provided the audience with some truly inspirational monologues in between his reading-through-paper skills.

Genuinely funny, jaw-dropping impressive mind reading skills and profound words from Oberlohr makes this show a truly magnificent show

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