Vulnerability is Massively Important – Interview with Owen Kingston of Parabolic

Emma Burnell interview Parabolic Theatre’s Owen Kingston on his productions and what qualities you need to be an effective immersive theatre actor

Soaked in Dreams

Owen Kingston looks like a pirate king. Even in a small coffee shop dashing between engagements, he looks larger than life and like he should be brandishing a cutlass (very unfair, given he is incredibly sweet natured).

30591094_258515451358134_3602042093079363584_n Owen Kingston as Captain Alan Howard in For King and Country

He’s been a theatre director for 20 years, and doing immersive theatre for the last five. He went to see The Drowned Man, and it changed everything for him. “it made me think completely differently about everything I had done up to that point. All I wanted to go was create that kind of work, that had that kind of audience experience built into it.”

Owen is the Venue Manager for Colab Factory which hosts both the Immersive Great Gatsby and For King and Country. He’s also the Artistic Director of Parabolic Theatre, which produced the latter which he…

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