The Full Monty, Churchill Theatre

In a time when jobs are hard to find, morale is down and hope seems far away, The Full Monty presents the tale of Gaz and his hilarious journey to keep seeing his son. After he calculates the money a visiting group of Chippendales takes in, Gaz quickly discovers there may be a way to bring in the dough he needs in one night, all he needs is some tear-away trousers and some screaming women.

Gary Lucy leads a stellar cast throughout the performance, hitting every joke and each movement with gusto and excellent timing. As the colourful characters share their story, you get a closer glimpse than the film provides, leading you to love them even more. As the first act ends, you’ll be laughing so hard you may miss your chance to pop to the bar so be prepared for fits of giggles enjoyed by all. Approaching some major themes of loss and depression, this production perfectly captures the state of living during this hellish time for the working class and brilliantly ties it up with some dance moves, sarky comments and best of all, some willing Montys.

Don’t miss a great night for all whether your in a group of pals or looking for a great date night idea. Bromley’s Churchill Theatre is the place to be to see the show where they go “all the way”.

The Full Monty continues on tour into 2019


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