A Christmas Carol, Greenwich Theatre

I’ll start by declaring myself as a Christmas Carol superfan. I’ll seek out any adaption of A Christmas Carol going. Unlike other adaptions I have seen, this performance sees Charles Dickens, played by John O’Connor, tell the story of A Christmas Carol in a one-man play. This recreation of a Dickens reading was faithful to his novella published in 1843. Dickens, himself, performed many readings. According to the programme he earned more money from these readings than his novels put together.

The intimate setting of the Greenwich Studio worked well. With the few props on stage and the use of some projected images and film helped to conjure up a Victorian experience. The play was engaging and comic in parts. O’Connor’s portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge’s tender moments was genuinely heartbreaking. Portraying all the characters from Tiny Tim to Scrooge’s love interest, Belle, O’Connor slipped into each character seamlessly with impressive talent.

It’s such a wonderful idea to recreate a Dickens reading. With O’Connor’s skill this proved to be a magical evening of storytelling. A thoroughly fun Victorian Christmas experience!

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