Motown the Musical, Shaftesbury Theatre


A flashback tale begins with Berry Gordy contemplating his past on the day of Motown’s 25th Anniversary Concert, to which he is refusing to attend. As his colleagues try to convince him to go, he thinks back over how Motown came to exist.

With that, the audience is whisked back in time where we meet everyone from Diana Ross to Smokey Robinson and see how they began their careers with Gordy. As the characters interact, the energy of the cast is undeniable as they seamlessly move from classic to classic, rotating through the discography of Motown.

motown 1
Rockin’: Brandon Lee Sears, Samuel Edwards, Eshan Gopal, Simon Ray Harvey and Simeon Montague as The Jackson 5 CREDIT: ALASTAIR MUIR

This musical is not only a jam-packed party of hits but it is a brilliant opportunity to showcase fantastic new talent on the stages of the west end. Although the dialogue seems a little weak in points, it is the characters and their journey that really draw your attention. Gordy’s wish to create a label to simply “make people happy” is truly achieved as the audience rises to their feet to join in the final number.

You will be able to enjoy some audience participation, watch the tunes you know and love come to life and celebrate the life of Gordy’s labels all in one night. You will leave the theatre feeling a love of Motown music that you have never experienced before.

Motown 2.jpg
Heat wave: Keisha Amponsa Banson, Aisha Jawando and Cleopatra Rey as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas CREDIT: ALASTAIR MUIR

You can buy tickets for Motown the Musical here

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