Myra DuBois: We Wish You a Myra Christmas, Soho Theatre

What could be better as the Summer looks like it’s finally going to show its face…A CHRISTMAS SHOW! I’m not ashamed to say I live, breath and look forward to Christmas pretty much all year round. So you can only imagine my joy to descend into the basement of Soho Theatre to hear Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day in May. I look over to our seats and there are Santa hats and on the tables there are crackers. At this early stage the atmosphere is already wonderful. The nostalgia added with my fellow audience members dancing in our chairs to Elton John’s Step Into Christmas; basically it’s already a 10/10 from me and Myra hasn’t even stepped on stage.

When the formidable Myra DuBois finally enters the stage (decked out with cardboard tree and fireplace) she opens with a Christmas medley singalong including We Wish You a Myra Christmas. The Christmas shenanigans aside, this character stand up was very funny.  The audience interaction felt natural and genuinely comic. Perhaps not for the faint hearted, the humour was dark. Very dark. When I wasn’t laughing my jaw was on the table in shock. To me, that’s the sign of good comedy. No one was safe from DuBois’ sharp-tongued humour religion, gender, orientation, the elderly and, of course, vegans. Naturally, I kept my plant-based dietary habits to myself, I’m not a maniac. DuBois is like the Auntie who comes round for Christmas who you’ll sit back in silence with your sprouts and wait for her to rip into everyone in the room hoping she’ll be too pissed by the time she gets to your turn.

We Wish You a Myra Christmas was a real treat. Decent comedy with lots of dark humour and the added bonus of Christmas nostalgia. It was camp. It was Christmas. It was hilarious.

The production is on at the Soho Theatre until 31 May

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