Theatre stream update 06 April 2020

I hope everyone’s lockdown is going well. This has been a shock to the system both mentally (with no commute how am I still so tired) and physically (turns work keeping active stops painful feet!)

As lockdown continues for theatre, with the majority confirming closures until the end of May, theatres are finding new ways to present their online.

Matchstick Theatre Company are streaming their show N89, which Ed Whitfield reviewed last month. Jacob from the company said;

It’s up on YouTube here: so that more people can see our hard work and in the hope we might be able to get some donations to our GoFundMe page:

A brand new online ‘self-isolation’ radio play – The Understudy – that will be broadcast in May to raise funds for the theatre industry which, as I’m sure you know first-hand, is facing a devastating impact from the Covid-19 health crisis. The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield will split proceeds of this project with Theatre Development Trust (SOLT and UK Theatre), Acting for Others and Equity Charitable Trust.

The stellar line-up of actors includes Stephen Fry, Mina Anwar, Layton Williams, Emily Atack, Russell Tovey, Sheila Atim MBE, Sarah Hadland with more to be announcedThe cast and creative team involved in The Understudy will take part completely in isolation and actors will record their lines at home that will be brought to life by an exceptional sound design team.

Actor Stephen McQueen has just landed a dream West End role. Well, that’s not quite true – he’s going to be is understudying film star (and 12th Sexiest Man in the World) Josh Harper in the brand-new show ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know’, but still…Whilst he’s waiting for his time to shine, he reflects on his career – one that has spanned everything from (non-speaking) Rent Boy 3 in ‘The Bill’ to his recent starring role as Sammy in the (low-budget) regional tour of ‘Sammy The Squirrel’s Seriously Silly Safari’.

With this new job Stephen’s stage career may be destined for the dizzying heights, but not everything is going quite as well. Stephen’s wife left him two years ago, wondering if he’d ever grow up; his daughter wonders when he’ll get an actual job; worst of all, he’s starting to fall for the leading man’s wife.

Part 1 of The Understudy will be released on Wednesday 20th May and Part 2 of The Understudy will be released on Wednesday 27th May.

Finally I wanted to share this incredible spreadsheet listing all upcoming streams from a wide range of theatre organisations

As ever I hope you are safe and still getting your theatre fix.

Take care and stay safe.

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