In the spotlight: Jack McNamara on Stay Safe, a Whatsapp play for Halloween

Is everything OK?

Not really.

I think I need to share this with the whole group…

A WhatsApp group is a modern-day campfire. A place to gather, gossip, myth-make and share stories. For many parents it’s a safe space to feel connected to their children’s school. But is anything really safe anymore?

Told entirely live through WhatsApp, Stay Safe continues New Perspectives ventures into exciting new theatrical forms, offering audiences a bite-sized drama with a splash of fear for Halloween. Join the group, sit back and watch as the story transforms in the palm of your hand.

Stay Safe is part of the Signal Fires, a nationwide project inspired by one of the original forms of theatre – storytelling around a fire.

I spoke to writer and New Perspectives artistic director Jack McNamara (via Whatsapp, of course) about making theatre in lockdown, performing in text, being based outside of London and what next for a theatre company that likes to experiment

Thursday 29 October – Saturday 8pm, 9pm, 10pm plus midnight on Sat 31 October

Location: WhatsApp, tickets £1 Recommended Age 16+

One response to “In the spotlight: Jack McNamara on Stay Safe, a Whatsapp play for Halloween”

  1. […] Whatspp? Yes, New Perspective’s haunting new play isn’t on stage or even on Zoom but invites audiences to watch a parents’ whatsapp group unfold as accusations are made and confusion ensures. You can read my interview with Artistic Director and writer Jack McNamara here […]


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