AAAAA [FiveA], The Lion and Unicorn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

AAAAA is hard to review as any even minor plot points will reveal spoilers. And who am I to reduce the enjoyment of others as desperate to return to theatre as I am? Suffice to say, the play explores the porous area between life and death – he liminal space in which a fragmented consciousness comes to a reckoning with itself.

This is beautifully depicted almost single-handedly by Daniel Rainford, whose mastery of the piece meant he commanded the stage and the attention of the audience throughout. His performance was both powerful and subtle – a tough combination to pull off that I have seen far more experienced actors struggle with.

The set is extraordinary (if at times a little distracting) and the direction is simple enough to never pull focus from Daniel’s unnamed central figure while adding moments and metaphors that speak to the fragility of all we hold dear – something we are all so much more aware of these days. Paper aeroplanes and leaves litter the set. Neither are the real thing, both are equal parts strong, dynamic and breakable. Perfect representations of life itself.

AAAAA is a moving and thoughtful piece. It might not be the cheery “we’re back” explosion that some will no doubt be planning, but it fits beautifully in the Proforca cannon of work that explores the minutia of love, life, happiness and emotion in a space that fits beautifully above a pub in North London. God we’ve missed you. Thank you for returning so very much as yourselves.

The production is on until 29 May

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