Review: Threshold

Soaked in Dreams

Style: Immersive, futuristic scavenger hunt
Where: The Crypt, Bethnal Green

Rating: 4/5 stars

Threshold is another thrilling adventure from Parabolic Theatre. With the ability to play online or in person, you solve a series of mysteries and clues as well as being faced with moral choices where there are no rights or wrongs – just different endings.

The show revolves around the hunt for an individual who has passed through a threshold between worlds and realities. There’s a tinge of His Dark Materials to the concept – not least the fact that we learn that this passing through is causing structural damage and collapse that threatens all realities.

Players in real life play in socially distanced bubbles of up to six people and each team is given a mission to fulfil. I have to admit that quite a few of my team got a little…

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