General Secretary, Soho Theatre

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Review by Jake Laverde

According to that great philosopher Beyonce, it’s girls who run the world. And in this latest production from duo Thick ‘n Fast, we see how that scenario plays out when Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas are plucked out of obscurity to rule the world.

From the start, both Symes and Thomas exude Strong Millennial Energy when they’re more excited by the possibility of meeting Rhianna than the prospect of shaping the world in their image. And it’s this relatable charm that sees them warmly welcomed by the sell out audience in Soho Upstairs. They’re here to have fun and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the breezy charm of it all. But at the risk of sounding like a grouch, I was left wanting a bit more to chew on.

General Secretary at Soho Theatre | Review

Though some salient political points are made, this isn’t hard hitting satire. The tone is kept light with a script heavy on wordplay. But the puns and Symes and Thomas’ infectious enthusiasm can’t disguise the lack of narrative drive. This is more a series of light fluffy sketches than a complete story, perhaps owing to Thomas’ experience in sketch comedy. And like a sketch, their characters don’t change in the slightest, by the end they’re still naive yet well meaning doofuses, albeit ones who’ve brought about world peace the only way they know how.

The script could do with a lot of editing too. Scenes that should be snappy are padded out to fill the running time. Characters are too thinly drawn to be anything more than a repeated punchline. There’s no sense of consequences when their world changing decisions don’t play out like they hoped and the finale, as fun as it is, comes too easily to feel earned.

But as mentioned before, it’s hard not to be swept up in Symes and Thomas’ enthusiasm. They bounce off each other well and look like they enjoy every second on stage. Once they figure out what they want to say on it then they could well be a duo to watch.

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