The Morning After, Hen and Chickens Theatre

Monorogue’s new show ‘The Morning After’ provides us with an opportunity to eavesdrop over the comings and goings of ‘The Love Clinic’ on the day after Valentine’s Day.

We meet an array of lovestruck clients from the ‘Neighbourhood Watcher’ who is wrongly accused of stalking, the psycho bunny boiler or the soon-to-be new Dad who fears he may be pregnant too. The witty monologues were written, and performed, by different actors though stitched seamlessly together with some clever nods to contemporary culture including free coffees at Pret and the perils of auto-correct when messaging your new love interest.


This funny show also proves to be quite relatable. At times you find yourself relating to some of these tragic characters whether it’s unrequited love, parental love, lustful love or the bored-of-love love. This adds to the humour of the play we can all place ourselves in some of these hilarious scenarios.

Overall the play was clever, funny and relatable. What’s more it’s  ‘the morning after’ for me and I’ve found myself having a few chuckles about what I saw last night, I’d say that’s the sign of a good show! 


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