Launch of Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical, Cafe de Paris

Hosted by Will Young, who will be starring in the show as bandleader Wally Stand, the launch of Strictly Ballroom the musical offered all the sequinned glamour you would expect.

Young sang the two breakout pop hits from the show Time After Time and Love is in the Air, and the cast twirled and sparkled around him in a whirl of colour and glamour.
There were also speeches from the Director Drew McOnie and Baz Luhrman’s longtime collaborator Catherine Martin.
For me though, the highlight was the flamenco number performed by Fernando Mira who plays Fran’s dad Rico. Genuinely breathtaking, I couldn’t take my eyes off his flying feet.
I’ve loved the film of Strictly Ballroom since I was a teenager. I have had a crush on Scott Hastings most of my life, and have always over-identified with Fran (and it will be interesting to see how they translate her journey from not quite ugly ducking to quirky beauty to the stage where such things are harder). But it was always the older Hastings whose story I found the most compelling.
Doug and Shirley weren’t centre stage at the launch, understandably when you have such a glamorous cast. But for the show to touch me as much as the film does it needs that ending when Doug reaches out for Shirley. That’s the tear jerker for me and the moment that we know that Love can be in the air for everyone.
All in all, I am so excited about Strictly Ballroom, I feel like Wayne finally grasping the Bogo Pogo, like Scott learning to Paso Doble, like Fran learning not to be scared. I want to waltz all the way to the theatre.
Strictly Ballroom the Musical will be at the Picadilly Theatre from the 29th March. Tickets are available at

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