Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre to Launch in York

This year’s hottest Shakespearian ticket may not be found in Southwark or Stratford but in York. The battle of the great Elizabethan theatres is back, with a “pop-up” Rose Theatre (the first of its kind in Europe) being launched in York for ten weeks from June 25th.
The theatre will show productions of A Midsomer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Richard III and Romeo and Juliet. Directed by Lindsay Posner, Damian Cruden and Juliet Forster, two companies of actors will perform in repertory during the ten-week period.
This choice of the most popular comedy, tragedy, history and love story (all played out in the shadow of York’s iconic Clifford’s Tower) and the prices starting at just £12.50 to be a groundling all make for a very accessible experience.
There will also be a “Shakespeare’s Village” experience in the grounds outside the theatre. This will house food coordinated by Ready, Steady, Cook’s Brian Turner, a fully licensed bar, a garden designed by leading garden designer Sally Tierney and wagons providing entertainment. Turning up early to get into the spirit will be an essential part of the experience.
The only downside could be the weather. The theatre is built to be open to the elements and patrons – especially groundlings – will have to take their chances. Just as they did in Shakespeare’s day.

The Rose Theatre will run from 25th June to 3rd September at Tower Street, York YO1 9SA. For more details go to


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