Struggling to find the best seats in theatre? Seatplan has your back (and your bottom)

I’ve been a member of Seatplan since 2014. I’ve found it an invaluable resource for finding the best seats for my price range as it allows honest reviews from independent theatregoers, who have sat in the seats and seen the shows.

As a regular reviewer I like that I can be honest in my reviews about the seating and about the show and also factor in issues such as height (at 5ft 1 I don’t have the legroom issues that many have) but also the ability to take pictures, when the safety curtain is up and NEVER during a show, which give any ticket buyer an idea of what to expect, for an example if you are considering the bargain priced ‘nest’ seats’ in the front row of Wyndham’s Theatre Balcony be aware they are a bit odd and people will assume you have blagged two seats for yourself

Royal Shakespeare Company’s seating from a stage view

I recently witnessed my housemate have various windows open as he desperately searched for Kinky Boots tickets, at 6ft 2 and with a limited budget proved to be a valuable resource as he managed to find some comfortable stalls tickets for £22.50 based on the reviews who saw the production, with over 46000 seat reviews you are bound to find your seat soulmate.

As seats in the West End can exceed £100 you want the best experience however high or low your budget. offers an honest, independent review of West End theatres and other theatres across the country plus their shows(the site updates based on the show’s arrangement rather than theatre’s traditional staging). It is a useful resource for those on 100th West End show or for those booking their first ever. is free to view and register on, for those that take pictures, there is a reward of 40p, which can be redeemed as theatre tokens across 240 theatres once you hit £10.


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