Flight, Vault Festival

Darkfield.Org companion piece to Seance (Which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago) invites its audience to take a flight into the unknown. In a shipping container, a commercial airplane is created, complete with overhead lockers and very comfortable seats. As with Seance, the audience is plunged into the darkness (though there is an opportunity to escape if the experience isn’t for you) and the binaural experience through headphones begins. It is only 20 minutes long but I was impressed at how it felt like a takeoff was happening.

If you are planning your holidays this might not be the experience for with a reminder of how annoying crying babies can be and what a strange feeling flying is. Whilst I didn’t find this experience as terrifying as Seance there is a definitely a haunting feeling as it isn’t clear where this flight is going but you certainly won’t experience any winter sun at your final destination.

As with Seance, this is a great experience to kill time between The Vaults many shows and for theatre attendees to stimulate senses in a genre that is big on vision. It is a dream-like horror experience. The focus on sound and audience imagination (in theory no audience member will have the same show as they will see and imagine different things) and it is an experience that is ripe for a full-length experience. I look forward to seeing Darkfield’s future work

Flight is on until 27 February 2019 https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/flight/




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