Seance, Vault Festival

Seance is a sensory rather than a theatrical performance. In a small audience, you find yourselves being asked to contact the dead, in twenty minutes and in the blackest darkness with headphones and a table your only prop.

Seance feels more like a fever dream, Darkfield’s production makes you feel and hear. Simultaneously in a crowded room of people trying to contact their loved ones and yet feeling alone as you find your bearings amongst the sound, touch and lack of vision.

It is an intense experience, unseen voices whisper in your ear and after a while your imagination starts creating characters behind the voices (For me, the narrator/medium looked like Stephen Dillane). It creates a tingle down your spine and a loss of control with a belief that your actions have caused this. When it was over there was a sense of relief that I hadn’t embarrassed myself by screaming but also a sense of sadness that it was over, though I think a longer experience may result in long term psychological problems. It is like being in a live horror film and an emotional yet exciting experience.

If you are claustrophobic or have a fear of the dark this experience isn’t for you but as an ASMR fan, interested in the rise of binaural sound design this was a fun and unforgettable experience. At only 20 minutes you can go back time and time again.

Seance is on until 17 March at various times


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