Frankie Foxstone aka The Profit: Walking Tour, Vault Festival

Amy Gwilliam’s immersive character comedy transfer from the Edinburgh Fringe to exploit the undeveloped potential of the Waterloo area.

Frankie Foxstone is a property developer working closely with Southwark Council (and some would say far too closely with Rupert, the CEO) to develop the area surrounding the Vault Festival, as she takes you into dark alleys and behind restaurants there is a sense of chaos as restaurant stuff thrown glass into bins, skatesboards block our way and other unexpected interuptions.

Thankfully Gwilliam is a performer who embraces these unexpected events, her material working strongest when she has to think on her feet such as an audience member whose husband regularly goes to a development conference in Cannes (“You let him go alone!?”) to her interactions with audience members carrying her handbag and stool. Gwilliam comes from strong comedy stock her mother, the late Liddy Oldroyd was the sole director of Drop the Dead Donkey (a show known for responding quickly to news events) and one of the directors on Desmond’s.

Whilst Frankie Foxstone could have been better developed, as a character (she is clearly a sociopathic monster obsessed with money and status but why is she like this) I found her incredibly likeable and entirely believable as a woman always striving for the high end, perhaps out of insecurity or perhaps out a genuine desire for more tall buildings in London. Is she a scam artist or does she genuinely want to see you make a profit? Who knows.

If you get a chance to take a walk with Frankie be prepared to have your platinum credit card at the ready.

Frankie Foxstone aka The Profit: Walking Tour was on at the Vaults Festival from 28 January – 2 February and continues at the Adelaide Fringe in February and March.

Amy Gwilliam’s upcoming projects can be found on her website

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