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  • Will Power, Theatre N16

    Will Power, Theatre N16

    Toby Boutall’s story of repressed male emotion is ironically stifled by its inability to speak truth to its audience.

  • This Is Not Culturally Significant, Vaults Theatre

    This Is Not Culturally Significant, Vaults Theatre

    Naked Man. Naked Britain? Adam Scott-Rowley’s one man League of Extraordinary Genitals takes a stripped back view. Ed got an eye full.

  • The South Afreakins, Vaults Theatre

    The South Afreakins, Vaults Theatre

    Robyn Paterson’s one-woman show is a touching story about a pensionable South African couple with contrasting visions of the future.

  • Are period dramas and BME performers incompatible?

    Are period dramas and BME performers incompatible?

    Julian Fellowes has defended the all-white casting on Half a Sixpence by stating “It is in keeping with period”. Whilst Fellowes justification may make sense to him it sounds ridiculous to everyone else when the National Theatre have cast British-Tanzanian Lucian Msmarti as the Italian Salieri in Amadeus, full period costume and all. Fellowes later…

  • Mental, Vaults Theatre

    Mental, Vaults Theatre

    Kane Power’s one-man show looks at his mother’s bipolar disorder and the pathology of his pain. It’s an illuminating evening.

  • Hip, Vaults Theatre

    Hip, Vaults Theatre

    Jolie Booth’s one-woman show attempts to tell two stories – her own and that of a dead woman. But is either true?

  • Getting involved: Immersive Theatre

    Getting involved: Immersive Theatre

    I am both repulsed and fascinated by the concept of immersive theatre in equal measure. On one hand, I like traditional theatre for its passiveness. I can go alone, lose myself in the play and know other audience members are doing the same but immersive theatre doesn’t allow that, however small it is you are…

  • Naomi Westerman On Sex in Theatre

    Naomi Westerman On Sex in Theatre

    It’s a warm evening in September and I am watching one of my closest friends give his wife (also a good friend) a good seeing-to over a chair. It is their first wedding anniversary. The enthusiastic audience hoots and cheers. I smile and go back to reading the ‘dogging’ section of a popular UK swingers forum.…

  • Highs and Lows; theatre in 2016

    Highs and Lows; theatre in 2016

    This blog has only been going since April 2016 so it isn’t a comprehensive look at the hits and misses of the year. I saw 80 shows this year, across London and the South East of England. Highlights Cyprus Avenue, Royal Court Upstairs a play that should have transferred and I hope it still does.…