The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

‘The honour would be entirely mine, if you could attend my little party’

Through the door of The Vaults, along a corridor and you suddenly find yourself in the 1920’s of Glamour, Glitz, Gossip and Gatsby. A small “speak-easy” style room welcomes you, where you can order from the bar and glance at the other guests around you, dressed for the occasion. Suddenly, Nick Carraway pops up in the crowd and begins to tell us about the infamous Jay Gatsby.

The curtain rises on this exciting, jazz-filled night as we enter the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Throughout the night, the famous story of The Great Gatsby is told. However, how you see the tale is entirely up to you. With the option to follow characters throughout the night, you may find yourself part of a scene that you have never witnessed before. Listen to Nick tell his story, chat to Daisy on the dance floor or watch from the balcony as Gatsby mingles with his guests.

“Fantastic! Unlike anything I’ve been to before” Charlie Palmer

If you have ever wished you could step into the pages of this beloved story or dance on to the screen of the film, look no further. Thgatsby_postere Guild Of Misrule and The Immersive Ensemble have provided the perfect way to leave your life at the door and step back in time to gin-soaked, jazz scenes of the roaring 20’s.

Selling out every date during The Vault Festival, the party is not over yet as Gatsby himself announced on Friday night.

“I’m not one for making speeches but on this particular occasion I’d like to say a couple of words… this is without doubt my favourite party to date and that is saying something huh? However, it’s been a hot ticket and I’m aware that not everyone has been able to attend. And so I have a very, very exciting announcement to make…” Jay Gatsby

So dust off your dance shoes, straighten those bow ties and get ready for June this year because Gatsby will continue hosting here in London. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

by Grace McCabe

6 responses to “The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★”

  1. I loved this film – cinematically beautiful (let us remember that film is the medium here, not a book), moving story, great actors. There seems to be an awful lot of disengaged over-analysis in the comments here: tedious comparisons with the book and nit picking over historical inaccuracies …. zzzzz – it was a great film, despite the spiritless criticisms.


  2. […] a work in progress this has a lot of potential but it is following the hugely successful The Great Gatsby, which has moved to the West End and people have high expectations of immersive productions, even […]


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