Jane McDonald on 20 years in show business

Jane McDonald is going on tour , Churchill Theatre in Bromley spoke to her in advance of her sold-out show

She’s glam, she’s fun and 55 years young. Jane McDonald is the singer and
presenter that everyone wants to be friends with and we got to catch up with her
ahead of her sold-out show taking place at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre on
Sunday 17 June.
You’re celebrating 20 years in show business, what is your secret to
I’m still in shock, flipping ‘eck! If I knew the secret I’d bottle it and sell it, I can tell you.
I truly believe I have achieved everything through sheer determination, I am so
focused. I am lucky to have a partner who understands my commitment. I live and
breathe it, I am so blessed.
You were shy as a youngster, how did you pick a career on stage?
I was painfully shy. It’s hard to believe, I know but I think some of my outgoingness is
partly down to a lack of confidence, I feel like I have to make up for it. I used to be
sick in the sink before going on stage. I’ve always loved music though, I started out
as a musician, I played the piano for seven years before I got on stage and sung for
anyone but when I did, I thought, “Boom!” The euphoria far outweighed the nerves.

You’re a singer and a presenter, what have been the highlights of your career
so far?
I’ve had an amazing career, I’ve loved it all. I have been blessed with meeting so
many wonderful people and visiting some amazing places but what I love most is
being on stage. The energy that goes around the room is like a wheel; it starts on
stage, travels through the audience and back again.
You are about to embark on a 33-date tour. What do you love most about life
on the road?
There is nothing better than looking out from the stage and making eye contact with
the fans, they are fantastic. We always ask them what songs they would like to hear
on tour and we always listen, I want them to have a good time. I also make sure I
have a good team around me, it’s like going on tour with your friends and I love that.B I know André Rieu does the same.
What can we expect from the new show?
There will be a full stage set; a light show, dancers, a band, lots of costume changes
– a whole production, featuring the best songs from the past 20 years. There’s no
show like it. I’ll talk about things people don’t necessarily talk about – bring some
tissues as there will be tears but the next minute I’ll be telling jokes, followed by
belting out a number. It will be a real rollercoaster of a ride.
What are you most looking forward to upon your return to Churchill Theatre?
I haven’t been to Churchill Theatre for a few years, so I am really looking forward to
returning. It is one of my only London dates too, so it will be lovely to see my fans. I
implore you to come and see the show, it is in a different league to anything I have
ever done before.


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