2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

Have you ever had a night in with the girls and found yourself singing along to Britney into your hairbrush and dancing on the sofa, pretending to be a girl group from the ’90s? Don’t lie, we all have. Bridget, Titanic, body glitter we miss all of it but 2 Become 1 and Swipe Right Theatre have brought it all back, and it’s better than before.

The lovely and talented Kerrie Thomason and Natasha Granger took their idea and devised this energetic and charming show from the beginning. After two successive Edinburgh Fringe runs and continued performances at The King’s Head Theatre in London, the two playwrights remain very humble about their work and just want everyone to have a good time.

2 become 1 (1)

After Jess is dumped by “Mr Perfect” her friends are desperate to pull her out of her Haagen-Dazs misery and hit the town. The answer soon presents itself, Speed Dating (can it get any more 90s?). With a 90s playlist (that needs to go on Spotify because I need it!) Jess, Amanda (Mandy), Charlie and Molly dance their way through the night in the search for Mr Right, encountering many Mr Wrongs along the way.

“We really want to poke fun at the perceived glamour and shallowness of ‘90s pop culture, but in a very affectionate way – it was a time when strong bonds between female friends were actively celebrated and this is our tribute to that.” – Kerrie Thomason

Comedy at its best, improvisation and great voices, the cast not only help their friend have a good time but they get you dancing around and singing along. If you are looking for a great night out for you and your chicas, look no further! At the King’s Head Theatre until April 29th 2017, this is a night you don’t want to miss, check below for all ticket details.

Performance Dates:        April 11th 2017 – April 29th 2017
                                                Tuesday – Saturday 7pm (+ Matinee performances 3pm Sunday)
Running Time:                   60 minutes of 90s fun
Venue:                                  King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN
Tickets:                                 £18/£15 (Tues-Thurs & Sun), £19.50/£18/£15 (Friday and Saturday)
 Box Office:                          King’s Head Theatre (kingsheadtheatre.ticketsolve.com), 0207 226 8561

Watch the Trailer Now!

by Grace McCabe

Frankenstein – Greenwich Theatre

Frankenstein – Greenwich Theatre

Celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, Frankenstein continues to be a thought provoking piece exploring the ideas of ambition, the limits of science and the responsibilities of parenthood. Questioning the relationship between God and Mankind, a crazy scientist tests his ability to create life and instead brings a murderous monster into the world.

Blackeyed Theatre’s production strips away any added features from adapted movies, shows and other projects about Victor Frankenstein and simply tells the tale as Mary Shelly originally wrote. Fans of the assistant Igor may be disappointed as he does not make an appearance. However, we the audience get the opportunity to watch Victor Frankenstein (played by Ben Warwick) grow from adolescence to adulthood. We watch his close relationship to best friend Henry (Max Gallagher) and his developing feelings for his cousin Elizabeth (Lara Cowin).

Just before the end of Act 1, the familiar story that the majority knows well begins to appear as Victor’s creation is born. Using puppetry to bring the monster to life is an unusual decision for this production but soon becomes unquestionably a brilliant decision. In the Japanese style of puppetry known as “Bunraku”, a maximum of three actors at a time control the full size puppet. The physicality used truly allows the monster to be its own character and you find you stop looking at the actors and easily begin regarding the monster as its own actor. The monster (voiced brilliantly by Louis Labovitch) begins to learn and mimic those around him and you can watch as he develops into a fully understanding being. Expressing the monster with an almost childlike physicality allows the audience a chance to see the monster as a misunderstood, rejected creation who is ignored by its “father” and cast out alone.

Frankenstein Blackeyed 9, credit of Alex Harvey-Brown..jpg

The unusual Staging by Victoria Spearing soon becomes an intriguing aspect of the performance for the audience as it changes from a ship to the machinery of Frankenstein and more. Interestingly the stage itself is simply wooden beams with a white cloth running across. However, it is the actor’s manipulation of the materials available that transform them to the audience into whatever is required for the current scene.

Tying the performance together is the eerie musical score constantly drumming away in the background. Ron McAllister’s score lends the performance another level, allowing the music to have a close and more involved relationship with the piece. Using instruments within a scene or their voices to increase the atmospheric effect, the actors make the music a part of the overall production.


Overall it is an interesting and unusual performance in relation to the usual crazy “IT’S ALIVE” angle of Victor Frankenstein we usually see on television or the big screen. However, if you can follow along with Victor throughout his childhood scenes in the first act, you will not be disappointed once the gruesome monster begins to steal the stage. Whilst Victor continues to narrate the story to you, the audience can watch as his life is torn apart.

A wonderfully talented cast showcase comedic timing, fantastic character acting and brilliant physicality throughout the performance and you find yourself drawn in further as the piece goes on. Touring and selling fast, you can pick up tickets here. Go along and see whether Frankenstein will defeat his monster.

by Grace McCabe

The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

‘The honour would be entirely mine, if you could attend my little party’

Through the door of The Vaults, along a corridor and you suddenly find yourself in the 1920’s of Glamour, Glitz, Gossip and Gatsby. A small “speak-easy” style room welcomes you, where you can order from the bar and glance at the other guests around you, dressed for the occasion. Suddenly, Nick Carraway pops up in the crowd and begins to tell us about the infamous Jay Gatsby.

The curtain rises on this exciting, jazz-filled night as we enter the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Throughout the night, the famous story of The Great Gatsby is told. However, how you see the tale is entirely up to you. With the option to follow characters throughout the night, you may find yourself part of a scene that you have never witnessed before. Listen to Nick tell his story, chat to Daisy on the dance floor or watch from the balcony as Gatsby mingles with his guests.

“Fantastic! Unlike anything I’ve been to before” Charlie Palmer

If you have ever wished you could step into the pages of this beloved story or dance on to the screen of the film, look no further. Thgatsby_postere Guild Of Misrule and The Immersive Ensemble have provided the perfect way to leave your life at the door and step back in time to gin-soaked, jazz scenes of the roaring 20’s.

Selling out every date during The Vault Festival, the party is not over yet as Gatsby himself announced on Friday night.

“I’m not one for making speeches but on this particular occasion I’d like to say a couple of words… this is without doubt my favourite party to date and that is saying something huh? However, it’s been a hot ticket and I’m aware that not everyone has been able to attend. And so I have a very, very exciting announcement to make…” Jay Gatsby

So dust off your dance shoes, straighten those bow ties and get ready for June this year because Gatsby will continue hosting here in London. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

by Grace McCabe

Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

As the lights go down, the iTunes playlist starts. Setting the table and dancing around, it’s a typical pre-dinner-party scene. But this is no normal dinner party.

In this Ayckbourn-type comedy, we meet Matt and Katherine, a couple who have found the light has gone out in their relationship. In an attempt to bring back the spark and passion, they decide to have a dinner party. However, this is no ordinary dinner party. Very soon it becomes clear that what we believed was an innocent evening is in fact… A Swingers Party. However, just to add more confusion, Matt and Katherine don’t know if their guests know where the night is headed…

Cue hilarity, confusion, awkward silences and a whole lot of wine. Soon we are just as confused as them. Do they actually know? With glimpses into Matt and Katherine’s private conversations, we are left to wonder and guess when it comes to Amelia and Elliot. One minute they seem on the same page, the next, who knows?

A brilliantly British play where everyone tries to sidestep the elephant in the room!  Hosted at Theatre N16 and The Bedford Pub, you’ll have a great night in a creative atmosphere, where actors and musicians will surround you at the bar before heading up to the lovely and intimate black-box-type theatre for an entertaining hour. Though the play is short, it’s packed it to the brim to ensure you’ll be laughing till the very end.



Follow the Faun – Arts Theatre West End

Follow the Faun – Arts Theatre West End

“Welcome to our realm!”

We were greeted upon our arrival and led to the bar by a sparkling nymph-like creature. As the nymphs posed for pictures and discussed our perilous journey to their lair, we had the chance to relax and look around. A relatively intimate, blacked out room welcomed us. Many others could be seen glancing around in anticipation as the nymphs took a step into the centre of the room and began to speak to us all.

“Leave the outside world at the door,” they told us. Finding a place to leave our coats and bags, we began to spread out and then joined a very interesting yoga like experience of gentle movement and deep breathing. Then, standing there with our eyes closed and our guards down, we began to hear the sound of hooves make their way from the back of the room to the very front.

Unable to resist, I opened my eyes for a brief second and found a fantastic faun standing right in front of me. He slowly made his way to the front of the room, stopping at times to brush against someone or look at the room, and then began the strangest, most energetic and hilariously fun ninety minutes of my life.


“I describe my work as participatory rather than immersive,” explained Andy Black (our fabulous faun) as we chatted after the show. He explained how he likes to encourage everyone to take part and honestly, once you see everyone letting go and having a great time, you can’t help but join in yourself.

Mirroring the Faun throughout the show, you journey through different dimensions and strange worlds, find your inner goddess, share yourself with your “fellow travellers” and let your inner light shine out. Through movement, Andy managed to get everyone laughing and raving together. Going from one extreme to another, to someone watching from outside they may have seen it as an “Awesome Trippy Zumba class” with everyone in the audience dancing around to a pulsing and exciting soundtrack of club music. But to those taking part, it was a hilarious and freeing journey.

“I had no idea that was going to happen… but I just had to join in,” my friend told me after the show. Unused to immersive theatre, she was terrified someone would speak to her in the beginning. But by the end she was having as much fun as everyone else.

You can only appreciate the true fun and freedom of Follow the Faun if you join in. So find your best dancing shoes, your comfiest clothes and bring your friends to this incredibly intoxicating show. I hope you find your inner goddess along the way!