Author: Geeble13

  • Moment of Grace, Actors Centre Online

    Moment of Grace, Actors Centre Online

    One amazing thing that has come out of COVID-19 Theatre is more filmed theatre. My latest theatre experience from the comfort of my own couch was Moment of Grace by Bren Gosling, present by Backstory Ensemble. The film explores the idea of previous pandemics taking over the world, with people and places unsure how to…

  • Twelfth Night – LIVE on ZOOM!, The Maltings Theatre

    Twelfth Night – LIVE on ZOOM!, The Maltings Theatre

    Shakespeare. Theatre. Press Nights. These are all concepts we are familiar with but in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 lockdown, for a moment we were unsure how theatre would survive. Enter The Maltings Theatre! Last week I had the opportunity to attend their opening night of Twelfth Night, via ZOOM. As a performer and teacher…

  • Scream Phone, Vault Festival

    Scream Phone, Vault Festival

    “Scream Phone” by SwipeRightTheatre (2 Become 1) was a night full of laughs, twists and hilarious throwbacks to our favourite 80s soundtrack. Combining the 90s game “Dream phone” with the basic template of a scary murder mystery, the three actresses had us rolling in our seats throughout. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any…

  • Motown the Musical, Shaftesbury Theatre

    Motown the Musical, Shaftesbury Theatre

    A flashback tale begins with Berry Gordy contemplating his past on the day of Motown’s 25th Anniversary Concert, to which he is refusing to attend. As his colleagues try to convince him to go, he thinks back over how Motown came to exist. With that, the audience is whisked back in time where we meet…

  • The Full Monty, Churchill Theatre

    The Full Monty, Churchill Theatre

    In a time when jobs are hard to find, morale is down and hope seems far away, The Full Monty presents the tale of Gaz and his hilarious journey to keep seeing his son. After he calculates the money a visiting group of Chippendales takes in, Gaz quickly discovers there may be a way to…

  • 2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

    2 Become 1 ☆☆☆☆☆

    Have you ever had a night in with the girls and found yourself singing along to Britney into your hairbrush and dancing on the sofa, pretending to be a girl group from the ’90s? Don’t lie, we all have. Bridget, Titanic, body glitter we miss all of it but 2 Become 1 and Swipe Right Theatre…

  • Frankenstein – Greenwich Theatre

    Frankenstein – Greenwich Theatre

    Celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, Frankenstein continues to be a thought provoking piece exploring the ideas of ambition, the limits of science and the responsibilities of parenthood. Questioning the relationship between God and Mankind, a crazy scientist tests his ability to create life and instead brings a murderous monster into the world. Blackeyed Theatre’s…

  • The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

    The Great Gatsby – Vault Festival ★★★★★

    “Fantastic! Unlike anything I’ve been to before”

  • Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

    Swing by Around 8 – Theatre N16

    As the lights go down, the iTunes playlist starts. Setting the table and dancing around, it’s a typical pre-dinner-party scene. But this is no normal dinner party. In this Ayckbourn-type comedy, we meet Matt and Katherine, a couple who have found the light has gone out in their relationship. In an attempt to bring back the…