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  • The Passing of the Third Floor Back, Finborough Theatre

    The Passing of the Third Floor Back, Finborough Theatre

    Can Edwardian piousness win over a 2017 audience? Yes, says Ed Whitfield.

  • Quaint Honour, Finborough Theatre

    Quaint Honour, Finborough Theatre

    60 years on, Roger Gellert’s tale of repressed homosexuality at an English public school remains a damning social critique.

  • Dolphins and Sharks, Finborough Theatre

    Dolphins and Sharks, Finborough Theatre

    Melinda Haunton @melindahaunton reviews @finborough Dolphins and Sharks

  • Windows, Finborough Theatre

    Windows, Finborough Theatre

    John Galsworthy is most famous for his novels, in particular, The Forsythe Saga, which won the 1923 Nobel Prize for Literature. Windows, his 1922 comment of interwar society should have become a well known classic but beyond the argument of the point of war there isn’t much point to this story. Geoffrey Marsh (An excellent…

  • Just to Get Married, Finborough Theatre

    Just to Get Married, Finborough Theatre

    Guest review by Melinda Haunton Walking into the tiny Finborough theatre for this revived Edwardian play is very much like stepping back in time. Music hall classics play as the audience assembles, and the pub’s own ornamental plasterwork is whitewashed back into prominence to create a genteel salon atmosphere, Tiffany lamp, piano, helplessly-pinned decorative butterflies…

  • Mr Gillie, Finborough Theatre

    Mr Gillie, Finborough Theatre

    Mr Gillie is the story of a charismatic teacher in Scottish mining town on trial for giving his working class students ideas.

  • Food, Finborough Theatre

    Food, Finborough Theatre

    Guest review from Melinda Haunton What is Food? Steve Rodger’s play, based in a Tasmanian backwater takeaway, receives its European premiere at the Finborough Theatre, and leaves me fascinated, but also confused. Is Food a southern Gothic? There’s sufficient bitterness, sex, abuse, plotting and stifled secrets to see it as such. Its themes are plenty…

  • Footprints on the Moon, Finborough Theatre

    Footprints on the Moon, Finborough Theatre

    Guest post from Melinda Haunton Is it a bad sign when an award-winning Canadian play doesn’t receive its European premiere for almost 30 years? You might guess so, especially when it’s playing in rep on the unfashionable nights of the week (Sunday-Tuesday only) and on the set designed for its more favoured stage-fellow. Even the…

  • Jam, Finborough Theatre

    Jam, Finborough Theatre

    A history teacher is confronted by her former student about what happened between them 10 years ago.